Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Edwin the chuanest!

This 2 days Edwin very chuan, because he bought a new handphone Nokia 6288. He keep sms and ring his phone! He chuan all office!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Terry Bought New Car!

Terry order a new car 2 weeks ago. Today he go take car! Good la him!


Yesterday Edwin very success, everybody also say him good. Japan say good, jalan-jalan, kala-ok, indonesia. Magunue say not bad. Brush teeth say good. Ann know do thing, he ask Banana drive. But Banana jao not so good, because that day he very malu. Edwin make Banana malu 2 times. 1st Banana say Japan onion, ginger, but Japan say "huh?", then Edwin say garli. 2nd Edwin tell Japan konono, but Banana dont know what is that.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1st Blog & 1st Post

I am one of the xevan administrator. I would like to share some of my experience with you all and this is my 1st xevan blog. I already have a personal blog at http://1010110.blogspot.com/.

I am a very good F1 driver. I race every Thurday, sorry is Thursday and Friday, but I hardly get No. 1. Usually I almost get No. 1. I drive smart and carefully when I drive F1. I follow my formula. During qualify, I like drive slow, because when actual race, infront car might bann each other, then I can let them kill each other 1st. But I cornering quite good, smooth and steady. Although they fast but is because they drive Ferrari. Sure fast la they. I don't drive Ferrari is not because I don't like Ferrari, just because is too normal. I drive with 3/4 oil formula. If 4/4 oil formula, the car will be very heavy. So 1 track might less me 1 second. But 3/4 oil formula need stop the car to get feul more times. I very expert on cars. My dream car for now is Toyota Camry 2007. But now I driving Proton Iswara with Petrol System Cum Gas Technology. It really save me a lot of money. Do you know I very clever using this Petrol-Gas system? Just switch. When I back hometown, I switch to Petrol when in highway, because the car keep going with high speed, and will not waste petrol. When I reach the hometown, I switch back to Gas, because the car need stop frequenly at there and car speed goes slow.

Besides that, I have a good friend and he work with me, although he is very handsome but he a little bit stupid. He say my manager move slow, but he just don't know he himself also response slow. Everytime my supervisor calls him, he also couldn't hear, I just don't know why. Maybe he too concentrade in something. My this friend don't know sing, he says. But I don't believe. I heard he sing before, I think his problem maybe is his voice not yet open. Maybe I understand why he can't sing. He don't listen normal music like normal human. He likes Enya and those ghost music. Talking about his driving skill leh... haiz... you will know when you sit his car... just like roller coster without safely equitment. He actually is a very nice person, but just stupid. He keep lets others people to use himself. He says he scare people angry. But is he keep on like this I BET he is not a success businessman. Maybe he is a good A4 (maid). Something I don't like him is he is the kind doesn't want to change, doesn't want to care, doesn't want to know. I keep ask him know more but he looks like doesn't care what I say. Maybe he is changing. He also likes play NBA, but I don't like. I don't like fight.

Speaking about my work. I do the same thing everyday. People call, I go I take I repair. But I very self-improve. I learn asp.net. I learn Visual Basic before so learning asp.net is not a problem. I doing calculator system. But the more I did, the more problem I found. I guess I already up level. Because only pro know the problem. I see the problems so I am pro! During working, my supervisor always give me eat die cat. I don't like him. He only work smart. He doens't know how to do work, he just know how to let people know he know how to do work. All work I done he took credits. Anything wrong blame me. Someday, someday I know I will better than him!

For now, I am very happy because I just get my Annual Bonus from Goblin. I think I will stop here for this 1st post. All the best.

Best regard,
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